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Updated for November 2018

  • I am reading Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators and participating in a virtual book study in our district facilitated by our fabulous Professional Learning Team.

  • I am facilitating a Design Advisory Group for our two new 6-12 campuses that are currently in the design process. We have biweekly meetings with the DAG and, on the off-weeks, I meet with a smaller project team and the architects.

  • I’m continuing to refine our Futures Lab concept. Bringing to life the concept of a center-based approach for unique learning experiences that prepare our students for life beyond K-12. Currently focused on growing sectors of the Fort Collins economy and entrepreneurial opportunities for our learners.

  • I am facilitating a team to build a common understanding of what Blended Learning looks like in PSD. I am collaborating with a smart team of educators and working to bring together the separate efforts in the district so that our teachers have the tools and resources they need to change the learning environment for our students.

  • I am reading and listening to everything I can to learn more about entrepreneurial experiences for K-12 students. Who has traveled this path and what are the things to know and look out for.